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Product Description/Sample
Digital Downloads available at https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JimCentorino

 ***2023 RELEASE***

Eyes Of The Forest

World Jazz single.

Sample (30 sec.)


 ***2022 RELEASE***

Notes On A Triangle

Original classical music for cello and piano, clarinet and piano, based on the mathematical geometry of the 3-4-5 right triangle and the Golden Mean.

More Information

Sample: A Short Story (32 sec. 300kb mono)


*** 2018 RELEASE ***

Senior Prom

A collection of 17 original musical compositions.

More Information

Sample: Always In The Hallways (58 sec. 300kb mono)
featuring Ariana George, vocalist, and Carmen Grillo, guitar


*** 2009 RELEASE ***

Bananas For Lunch!

A collection of 16 original musical compositions, each musically descriptive of a different animal or group of animals, It is meant for children, but can be enjoyed by every listener.

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Sample: Mr. Pelican's Pizza Party (32 sec. 300kb mono)

Three Dreams

*** 2003 RELEASE ***

Three Dreams

A romantic odyssey for the soul, featuring all original romantic instrumentals with one vocal, "Song of the Albatross", as sung by Nicole Pryor.

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Sample: Irish Lullabye (20 sec. 450kb mono)
Portraits of America

*** 2001 RELEASE ***

Portraits of America

A musical/visual journey through the U.S.A. from coast to coast. 15 original compositions including one vocal, "Going Home," as sung by Warren Wiebe and Amber Whitlock.

More Information

Sample: A Nantucket Sunset (20 sec. 450kb mono)
Footsteps C.D.

Footsteps in the Sand

Combining compositional talents, Jim Centorino and Carol Cole have produced a richly textured romantic odyssey. Carol's keyboard magic and Jim's impeccable trumpet work make their debut album a collection of beautiful and inspiring pieces which will be long remembered in their heart.

More Information

Sample: Ultimately Love (12 sec. 261k mono)

Youtube video by carlostrc, torreon, mexico. Or go to YouTube: http://youtu.be/aGbE-dztD3A




A unique album of instrumental music with 12 original compositions, each descriptive of a different endangered animal. Natural sounds of the animal and its habitat are artfully mixed in.


More Information

Sample: Black Gold (Rhino) (12 sec. 260k mono)


xmas C.D.

It's Christmas Everywhere

A festive collection of instrumental holiday favorites and original compositions.

More Information

Sample: Joy To The World (12 sec. 263k mono)


Digital Downloads available at https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JimCentorino




Sheet Music




Piano Score & Cello Part - $8

Recorded on the album "Three Dreams" and the album "Notes On A Triangle."




Piano Score & Bb Clarinet Part - $8

Also available for Cello and Piano   
Recorded on the album "Notes On A Triangle."



 Six Preludes
    for Guitar
Classical Guitar Preludes - $5

Recorded on the album "Three Dreams."


Bugle/Trumpet Solos
 Bugle/Trumpet Solos - $5


 Three Pieces
    for Solo Flute
 Three Flute Solos - $3
 Recitative and Tempo di Valse
For Solo Trumpet and Piano

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