Footsteps C.D.
by Jim Centorino & Carol Cole
Original Release Date: 08/19/1990


1. Restless Spirit** 4:24   7. Encounters** 2:51
2. Painted Wings* 2:48   8. Ancient Romance* 4:57
3. Raindrop Heritage** 5:48   9. Travelin' Home** 4:47
4. Ulimately Love* 2:58   10. Child of Dreams* 2:58
5. Silver Star-Streams** 7:49   11. Stained Glass Dream* 5:34
6. Footsteps In The Sand* 4:25     TOTAL TIME: 49:19
(* by Jim Centorino - ** by Carol Cole)

Originally released by World Disc in 1991, it was their top-selling album. FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND was procured by Centorino Productions and Carole Cole in 1999.

Jim Centorino works in a wide range of musical genres. He studied composition at the Boston Conservatory of Music. His albums, FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND, IVORY, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE, PORTRAITS OF AMERICA, BANANAS FOR LUNCH!, MINI SAMPLER #1, THREE DREAMS, and SENIOR PROM (vocal album) have received worldwide airplay and critical acclaim. 

Carol Cole is a performing pianist whose albums include FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND, KEYS TO THE KINGDOM and DISCOVERY. Her impressive performing talents paint vivid musical colors as they achieve a high degree of emotional depth. 

"Cole's piano is impeccable. (Centorino's) Ultimately Love is so good it might actually still the conversation at your dinner party." The Sun, Chapel, NC 11/21/1991

"Centorino and Cole have...a wonderful collection of music. Listeners will be eager to see where those footsteps lead next." Marlene Y. Satter, Misourian News, Vol. 11, No. 50, 1991

"I was most taken with FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND by Jim Centorino and Carol Cole...and the tunes that range from tense to lush to moody."
Chris Hicks, Deseret News 2/3/1992

"I'm so glad I finally found a copy of this music. I've been looking in stores for three years." Virginia Blevins

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