Portraits of America
Jim Centorino
Jim Centorino

Program -
1.San Diego Bay (The Dolphin
8.Stalactites At Carlsbad 3:04
And The Mermaid) 5:25 9.Ozark Adventure 2:53
2.Big Sur 3:55 10.Amber Waves 4:10
3.Storm Over San Juan Islands 2:46 11.The Surrey Ride 4:08
4.Grand Canyon Sunrise 2:58 12.Chesapeake Bay 3:47
5.Big Sky 3:26 13.A Nantucket Sunset
6.Spring Fever At Yellowstone 3:10 14.The Old Man Of The Mountain 3:54
7.Footsteps In The Country
(Bonners Ferry) 4:30
15.Going Home 4:40
(Total Time: 55:57)

"I received 'Portraits of America' and I'm favorably impressed! You obviously have traveled our country a great deal and I am struck by how you music 'fits' the areas you wrote about, particularly the California pieces 'San Diego Bay' and 'Big Sur.'" Jamey Osborne, KTEP-FM, El Paso, TX

"Thank you so much for the perfectly wonderful Portraits of America! Its beautiful and delightful music engrosses you from the first bars. Thank you for your magic, for the peice of your heart contained in your music." Serge Tikhanoff, Radio Penguin, Siberia

"The album is beautiful, tasetful and enjoyable to just listen to." Tom Peashey, Rochester, NY

"Your music brings peace in our troubled souls. This is music for leaving the listener to think more about life and nature." Sergiu Rusu, Radio Arad, Arad, Romania

"I was absolutely THRILLED to get your latest CD. There are so many of the cuts that I really like. You have certianly captured some of the Nature's moods in your music."        Dr. Priscilla C. Grew, Dept. of Geosciences, University of Nebraska, -Lincoln

"Dear Jim, we would like to perform a complete program comprised of music from this album for our 2002 show." David and Edna Correia, Board of DIrectors, The Generations, New England

"It's amazing how the music has helped me to visualize these 'portraits' of our great country. Storm Over San Juan Islands seems to conjure up the intensity of the WTC disaster and has brought me to tears. Then I listen to Grand Canyon Sunrise, Amber Waves, Nantucket Sunset and The Old Man Of The Mountain and I feel a peace and calmness come over me." Ken Vachon, Manchester, NH

"Your album is really interesting and...amazing. 'Big Sur,' 'Footsteps In The Country' and 'The Surrey Ride' are my three favorite without counting, of course, your extraordinary 'Going Home.'" Gabriel Raya, Madrid, Spain

"...The album has garnered international interest...the CD has found a worldwide audience." Fred Shuster, The Daily News, Los Angeles, CA

"Some very exciting and captivating music." Dave Scott, Drum Corps World, Nov. 2001

"Portraits of America is a classic. If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out." Paul Boranian, Woodland Hills, CA

"If you really want to know about America, get (this) album, because it portrays America in an hour...Centorino's music has a unique style, a style that you will never hear anywhere else." David Liu, Woodland Hills, CA

"Remarkable." Kyong Kwon, The King's Courier, Woodland Hills, CA

"Beautiful!" Manny Correira, The Bristol Phoenix, Bristol, RI

Sales of the album, PORTRAITS OF AMERICA, donates to organizations which aid victims of the September 11th attacks on Americans.

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